Reliability, originality and professionalism are the main advantages of A1Karting. Experience of our team and a building infrastructure open a possibility of organizing events on a very high level, what became our specialization.

Check, who will be the Champion of your corporation!


We made an offer of event organization in a racing mood. Integration, rivalry and motivation on a driving simulators, professional practice equipment used by a World Champions, organized in accompanied by beautiful hostesses. Event will be conducted by a professional MC!

Comprehensive organization of Corporation Events

Corporation Events are comprehensively organized and each customer is treated individually. The fastest 10hp karts CRG will provide all the participants fascinating feelings. Rivalry on the racing track will be a unforgettable experience for all the workers.


1. Racing in a Team – Integration

Perfect way to make an integration event. In this scenario not only the lap-time is important but also the way you cooperate with a team, consequence and common goal which connects group.
2. Grand Prix Race – Rivalry
In this scenario important is the time of individual driving.
3. Organization of theme event– Great Fun
We can offer an organization of occasional events, Christmas events , trainings in safety driving, in a racing atmosphere.

For you we will realize even the most demanding scenario.

DJ- evening party, tasty catering, open bar, racing hostesses, driving simulators


Every event organized in A1Karting is leaded by a selected MC or a well-known in a world of automotive celebrity – for your special request. Those people because of their professionalism create an unforgettable atmosphere and help to make all the participants feel like the professional driver.

Conference center and go-kart track in one building

Additionally we are in the possession of:
– Conference Center with 2 rooms for 700 people
– external square 4 thousand square meters, designed for outdoor events like picnic, outdoor events, fairs, presentations of cars and motorcycles.


Event Manager: Jakub Bednarczyk, phone: +48 22 290 33 88 w. 2, e-mail: event@a1karting.pl