We are an experienced organizer of karting leagues and corporation events.

Our Team consist of professional coaches, karting drivers and car racing drivers.

Karting league for business

This is a prestigious product of A1Karting, in which competitors receive the highest level equipment, professional coaching and technical service, if it would be not enough we are creating also an individual scenario of races.

Building up a team spirit, workers motivation

Rivalry of employees or contributors in karting league is used to improve relationships between the workers and to motivate the team. A1Karting Corporation League includes racing, entertainment but above all, it helps in interpersonal relationships.

Types of Business League

1. Inside company leagues for workers.
2. Industry league – rivalry between few corporations from the same or a different industry
3. Additional practice and possibility of consultations with professional coaches of karting.

What do we offer?

1. Over 20 CRG karts 10hp
2. Renting a circuit or building during competition.
3. Professional technical and referee service
4. Professional lap timing system
5. Regulations in League
6. Grading scale – all the results will be available online just after the end of the competition
7. Many different scenario of a karting league – in the eliminations we can have: sprint, endurance, team races etc.
8. To spice up the races we can add: joker lap, pit stop

Groups starting from 8 people. Number and the date of meetings is individually arranged.

Cups, DJ- evening party, tasty catering, open bar, racing hostesses, driving simulators


Event Manager: Jakub Bednarczyk, phone: +48 22 290 33 88 w. 2, e-mail: event@a1karting.pl