How to start your racing career?

Come with your child for the first individual lesson, when we adapt your kid with an appropriate type of a kart. Children from 5 years driving a CRG Puffo kart, can use our track only under the care of a driving instructor in a determined term.

If your child is 5 years old

Arrange an individual lesson , when the coach will assess whether the driver will be able to smoothly navigate on the track and do the exercises, which will be performed during A1Karting Academy. For a such little kid it can be still too early. We made a good opportunity to check it.

If your child is 5-6 years old

Enter your child to A1Karting Academy of racing where your kid will gain a basic skills of go-kart driving. Depending on the child’s development and engagement, next steps will be set by the coach.

If your child is 7-11 years old

Enter your child to A1Karting Academy of racing and make an appointment for some individual lessons to let your child drive in the intermediate group. It is worth having a consultation with an instructor about racing and practicing on the outdoor track in A1Karting Professional Team.

If your child is 12-18 years old

Make an appointment for some individual lessons and as fast as you can join our A1Karting Professional Team. You can also treat karting as a hobby for your child and additionally a practice of a safety and efficient driving. In the future good feeling of a car and easily passed exam for a driving license can be an effect of hours spend on a karting circuit.


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