Vouchers – for a gift!

Are you looking for an unique gift?

Unforgettable experience – buy a Moto Voucher A1Karting. Perfect gift for a man as well as for a woman.

It is possible to purchase a voucher with delivery to your home! Information: 22 290 33 88 int. 1

Types of Vouchers:

Kart drive - A1Karting Voucher

1. Kart drive Centurion (10 HP) for people from 155 cm height. Price: 59 PLN
2. Kart drive Puffo (1.3 HP) or Junior (4 HP) for children from 110 cm, min. Price: 59 PLN
3. Kart drive Taxi (10 HP) for 2 people (passenger from 120 cm height). Price: 59 PLN
4. Starters (1 Kart drive + Customer Card + Balaclava)
- Kids Starter - Kids (Go Puffo or Junior). Price: 79 PLN
- Standard Starter - for people from 155 cm height (Centurion kart). Price: 79 PLN
- Double Starter - for 2 people - gokarts (Taxi). Price: 89 PLN
5. 10-rides ticket Price - gokart Centurion, 449 PLN instead of 590 PLN!
Price - gokart Junior, 490 PLN instead of 590 PLN!
For people from 150 cm in height (for Centurion kart)
Vouchers 1-4 are personal or bearer. 10-rides ticket - only personal. Driving time: 8 min.

Training with Polish Champion - A1Karting Voucher

For 5 years and adults. Duration: 1 h - Price: 299 PLN
An individual course of gokart racing with a professional instructor.
A package of three 8-minute journeys and theoretical training.

Personal Voucher.

Professional training with Team RDP - Exclusive Voucher

For children and adults. Training takes place on the professional track - Price: from 990 PLN
I option: 1 day training,Price: 1690 PLN, including min. Six training sessions every 10 minutes
II option: 1/2 day training, Price: 999 PLN, including min. 3 training sessions every 10 minutes
We provide: professional gokart, technical support, coach (Polish Champion), mechanic, engineer, transport, catering,
Time (from April to October) and track you choose yourself on schedule at www.driverprogram.pl
The training is organized by the professional Team CRG Racing Driver Program
Details available via e-mail: team@a1karting.pl, Personal Voucher.
Detailed information:

Expiry date: 6 months (180 days) from the date of purchase but Exclusive Voucher - season 04-09/2018
Form of purchase: At the Reception A1Karting or by e-mail (courier cost: Warsaw-15 PLN, Poland - 20 PLN).
Contact: phone + 48 22 290 33 88, ex. 1, e-mail: biuro@a1karting.pl