Batak - Paced Training

Modern and original training device for practicing reflexes, used among others by drivers, teams, football, for example. Manchester United, professional cycling teams. Equipped with modern computer with 28 training programs.

Duplex Pro

The device dedicated to the simultaneous exercise, perfect for use in training sports requiring direct competition. Two players take part in the training stimulates the growth of certain psychophysical features. Exercises in pairs at the Duplex Pro, allow the use of mechanisms of direct competition. With special programs to improve the players skills rapid response and attention. Perfect for the events.

Pit Stop - replacing the wheels on time

Professional device to change a wheel. Only the efficiency and creativity of the player depends obtained his time. As befits a professional mechanic, it is equipped with gloves and a pneumatic wrench. Efficient wheel change is critical to the fin

Simulator cockpit

Cockpit Simulator with full traffic system based on a specially designed 4 cylinder, set into structures directly in the cockpit. Thanks to the traffic system, the driver is experiencing congestion and experience as an car. Felt the effects of acceleration, braking and vibration on the steering wheel each participant will move to one of the tracks. To further raise the level of adrenaline, we offer direct competition of several players on the same track. In addition, we provide individual branding and dashboards tracks.

Simulator moving car

The most modern, mobile simulator car, designed to meet the demands of even professional drivers. A movement system based on four hydraulic cylinders in combination with the seat frame mounted on a vibration-free, guaranteed realistic sensations that each move in the drivers world.

Kubica's car - the R30 Renault Team

Show Car Renault Team colors in 2010. Just a few years ago, the same car paced race tracks. In the colors of the team Renault Team in 2010, in which Robert Kubica drove the Roadshow on the track in Poznan and won their memorable places on the podium in Monaco and Belgium.

Hexapod Race - advanced simulator

Meet high-performance drive technology used by leading riders racing and racing all over the world. The laws of physics are fixed, immutable and can not cheat them, which is confirmed by all drivers falling out of the way. While understanding and skilful use of the laws of physics, can achieve much higher limits of safety. Combining cutting-edge technology, futuristic design and performance satisfactory real fans of fierce drive. First in Europe using a simulator with six platform motion.

WRC Motion Simulator

Feel the actual dynamics control as behind the wheel of a real race car ADVANCED FORCED FEEDBACK FFB - Force Feedback - in response to any change in weight, skid brake or tire slippage. The most modern, mobile simulator WRC. With dynamic and super aggressive cylinders, based on American technology, D-BOX and use the stee


They are a great souvenir that stays for years.

After the race, the winners receive cups with the company logo and a plate with engraved date and name of the event.


All events organized at the Kartingowy Narodowy are carried out by a carefully selected announcer or celebrity known widely in the world of polish motorization - at your special request.
These people, with their professionalism will create an unforgettable atmosphere and make sure that every participant feels like a professional Formula driver.


The event organized with beautiful hostesses will certainly be remembered!
Hostesses may lead an additional competition on driving simulators, they will accompany you when you give the cups on the podium. We work only with experienced hostesses who have been associated with our facility for years.